We wanted to be the first to announce the exciting changes we are bringing to all of our members and friends in the Richmond area who share a passion for wine, food and friendship.

As you may know, we have maintained the Richmond Chapter of Women For WineSense for the last ten years. Due to monumental changes brought about by the National Board, we, as your Richmond Board, have made the decision to dissolve the Richmond Chapter. This was an extremely difficult decision, one that carried many emotions and much sadness. While we will continue to recognize Women For WineSense for all its accomplishments and leadership in the years gone by, we feel that the organization is moving in a direction that does not maintain the educational opportunities and community involvement that we consider our priority here in the Richmond area.

So where do we go from here? You have captured our passion and our hearts as you have placed your trust in us to guide you through a journey of the world of wine and women. Now fasten your seat belts for the next part of the journey!

We are very excited to announce and encourage you to join us and become part of our new organization known as . . .


Sincerely yours,

Janet Bishop

Women’s Wine Society, Inc.

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